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GUYANA - The El Dorado of Yore

Dreaming of escaping the harsh winter to a warmer place?

Then Guyana beckons!

This patch of Heaven on Earth has been the lore of many for centuries. 

The Spanish Conquistadors, Sir Walter Raleigh and many other opportunists came looking for the mythical City called El Dorado …their imaginations fueled by their lusts for gold in abundance and great wealth.

Of course, they were unsuccessful and many died tragic deaths in pursuit of that elusive dream. 

But that fabled city they were pursuing existed all along …they just didn’t have the right road-map.

Today you and I are blessed to witness the unfolding of that fable to that of a stirring and exciting story.

It is the story of the real El Dorado …Guyana!

That story lies solidly etched in the deepest memories and the nostalgias of the people, the land, the flora and the fauna…

I invite you to walk with me as we traverse this Land of Many Waters, sharing and experiencing the...

warmthgolden smilescourtesies, and...hospitality of fellow Guyanese.


come cast your nets for Hassas and Patuasclimb your coconut treesrelish your Curry Chicken and Rice and Dhal (Dhal and Rice …whichever), and …don’t forget the exotic chokas and chutneys.


Come explore and bask in this stunning tropical paradise and witness its

magnificent tumbling waterfallsmajestic towering mountainsmighty flowing rivers, and...vast jungles and swamps

The explores of yore failed!

…But you don’t have to.

So, folks, get your passports in order, pack your suitcases (guys, don't forget to pack your Gabardeen Buktas!)

Kiss your dogs and cats goodbye, for...

Guyana beckons.