A 'little' About Me

My name is Roy Ramkissoon and I was born in a little village called Whim, where fishermen wake up to the crow of roosters to go cast their nets and farmers head to the 'backdam' to tend their crops.

When I was about a 'couple of hours' old, my parents moved to Wismar where I spent my first seven and a half years.

Some of my best years were wrapped up in those early childhood.

Oh, the memories!

I Remember...

  • Swimming in the McKenzie river with my father and two older brothers

  • Taking the canoes left unattended and jostling with other friends

  • Listening to 'Oldies' with the beat of The Drifters still etched in my mind after all those years.

    You know the familiar bass beat: "Stand By Me."

I Also Remember...

  • Crossing the river to wait for my dad after his shift with the 'Demba' Bauxite company at McKenzie was over. And...

  • I can distinctly remember the taste of 'Stinking Toes' (bet a lot of Guyanese don't know what that is).

Ah - Berbice!

Moving forward, I have also lived in Whim Village, Lancaster Village, and Jones (Tain).

So I'm a Berbician at heart...

In Berbice I attended Auchlyne C of S School and Manchester Goverment Secondary


Hello to all my fellow alumni.

During my summer school breaks ...I think we used to call it 'August holidays',  I used to spend holidays with cousins in...

  • Skeldon

  • Alness Village

  • Canje Rosehall

  • Black Bush Polder

  • Smythfield, New Amsterdam, and...

  • Bush Lot (West Coast)

Demerara - I Can Still Taste The Rum!

I've enjoyed camping out at Camp Kayuka twice, sailed up the Kamuni River to swim and hang out at Santa Mission, and roamed the Linden/Soesdyke areas umpteen times.

And for good measure ...lived and worked in Georgetown for about ten years (a Demerarian with regards to social living).

Essequibo - Vast & Unexplored!

Volunteer Math teacher at the Paramakatoi Secondary School in Region #8.  Here I am snagging a meal at the school kitchen.

Roy RamkissoonRoy Ramkissoon

And to round out my Guyanese personality ...traveled quite a bit to Essequibo with memorable trips to...

  • Wakenaan

  • Supenaan

  • Charity

  • Pomeroon river

  • Caria Caria

  • Kato

  • Annai

  • Kaieteur Falls

  • Paramakatoi (nestled in the Pakaraimas Mountain range), and...

  • other exotic places too numerous to mention.

More Nostalgias...

As a kid, I had lots of other fun memories...

  • Playing 'Enter Hole' with 'Banga Seed'

  • Plunging from the top of tree limbs or some Koker into the muddy trench below

  • Catching Buck Crabs at the seaside

  • Setting fish hooks, casting nets or 'feeling for fish' and sometimes hauling out an eel in the process

  • Climbing tall Coconut trees (playing 'big big' - bruising my legs in the process)

  • 'Kicking' rice at the roadside

  • Stealing neighbors genips, mangoes and other fruits ...sorry Neibas!

  • Shooting birds and stray dogs with sling shots (I won't dare do that now)

  • Whistling girls and getting smacked in the face (ok, I'm just kidding here ...C'mon!)


  • Blah blah blah!

Wilderness Wanderings!

For the last umpteen years I've had the joys of living and working and studying in Toronto, Texas and New York ...The Big Apple!

And amidst...

All those rushes in life, there was...

Always that longing for 'Oh Beautiful Guyana!'

The Circle of Life!

You know the old Guyanese proverbial saying:

" If yu drink 'Creek Water' and eat 'Labba' "

And so here I am ...continuing my exploration of the 'The Golden City'  of El Dorado!

So, there you have it folks!

Now that I've bared my chest and laid it all completely on the line, I may have exposed myself to some 'chiding'.


I hope my mother doesn't read this.  She'll say: 'Roy, what have you done to yourself ...talking out all yu story!"

Sorry Mommy!

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