Busta Cup Cricket Finals Albion vs Rose Hall

Bowl Bishoo, bowl was a comment heard at the Busta Cup Cricket finals Albion vs Rose Hall, played Sunday 6th 2014, at the Port Mourant Community Sports Complex.

The forecast predicted rain, but it didn’t matter to me as I made my way to the ground.   

Usually I would take my cue from the Roopmahal Cinema and find the place, but the cinema was no longer there and I had to direct the taxi guy to signal the place for me.

The game was already in progress when I entered the ground, and cricket lovers were slowly trekking in.

I mounted the stairs and position myself at the very top of the stand for an unobstructed view of the match. 

Man, I love the sports. 

I can’t even recalled the many times I played and practiced at this very ground.  So there was a bit of nostalgic moments for me. 

To add to my delight, I hadn’t witnessed a live game in decades.


Rose Hall Team Pose

Rose Hall Batting First...

Rose Hall was batting and they were slowly piling on the runs.  There were some good partnerships that kept the scoreboard ticking.

Star batsman and eventual top scorer, Rajig Ivan, was in full cry unleashing some awesome shots to the boundaries - especially in the last couple of overs. 

Rose Hall posted a healthy 207 runs for 8 wickets in their allotted 50 overs, and that was a good total to defend.

Cricket:  The Jest...

Now while the game of cricket is entertaining by itself, one would agree that the most fun part lies, not on the field, but on the spectator’s stand.

And always there would be a person or two to liven things up. 


This game was no different. 

There was one guy who was betting $10,000 that Albion would win the match. 

He was the entertainer for the game.  And at moments he would get everyone up in laughter with his wise cracks.

But $10,000!

Darn, I should have walked with my Crystal Ball and rightfully predict the outcome of the game. 

Whether the guy was serious with his bet or not, no one took up the challenge.

Spectator's Comments...

Now these were some of the hundreds of comments heard during the game as spectators urged their teams on:

  • Bat to the end Buddy

  • Don’t put yu self under pressure, rotate the strike

  • Wrap this thing up Bishoo

  • Bowl Bishoo bowl. Clean him up

  • Bowl the wicketkeeper

  • C’mon Shamir, pick it up

  • C’mon Ivan, get it right

"Anybody like the runs on the board, $10,000" (the guy keeps repeating the bet).

By the time Rose Hall was out, the cricket ground was packed.  More wisecracks – many hilarious and sidesplitting moments.

At times the scoreboard was lagging behind the official scorecard and there would be cries of frustration.


Plaffiana is our charming official scorer.  She was kind enough to give me some update on the scorecard.

Lucky Me!

With the game in full swing, I had the enviable position of sitting beside two charming young ladies.  Earlier, the one on my left offered to buy me lunch.

I graciously declined. 

She came back with her Chicken Fry Rice and offered me a piece of her chicken. 

I politely declined again.  

When she first opened her take-away box, she discovered that there was no spoon in her bag.  She must have silently sworn at the Restaurant.   

I’m quite sure I heard her muttered a @$#%& under her breath.

Being the gentleman that I am (look who's kidding!), I offered to get her a spoon but was unable to.

Fortunately another lady besides her had an extra spoon and she was able to satiate her hunger.

The other gorgeous young lady to my right had a vested interest in Rose Hall. 

One of her staff member was spin bowler for the team. 

I came out to enjoy the game itself and had remained neutral thus far, but switched to supporting Albion just to provide a bit of friendly rivalry to her.


Albion Team

Busta Cup Cricket Finals Albion vs Rose Hall - The Chase...

Albion began the steady chase and shortly stumbled, losing two quick wickets in the process. 

There was a period of consolidation that helped the scoreboard along.

But they carelessly ran themselves out losing four wickets via the run-out route – mainly due to their hesitancy in taking the runs and also from flashes of brilliant fielding from Rose Hall.

With just their tailenders to bat, the outcome was inevitable.   With 180 runs posted on the board, the game was over.

Congrats to Rose Hall! 

They applied themselves and trumped over Albion.

They are the 2014 Busta Cup cricket finals Albion vs Rose Hall Champions.


These two cute and Adorable young ladies came out with their family to watch the game.  From the mischievous glee in their angelic faces, I can sure tell who they were cheering for!

Followed next was the Presentation ceremony and I took the opportunity to snag a few pictures of the teams and had a friendly chat with National and West Indian cricket player, Davendra Bishoo.

Bowl, Bishoo, bowl! 

He did, but it was Rose Hall’s day of celebration!

And as for the rainy forecast … well, you already know the predictive nature of these folks.

This Busta Cup Cricket finals Albion vs Rose Hall video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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