Carambola Star Fruit Drink
aka Five Fingers

If you’ve ever had a sip of the Carambola Star Fruit Drink, you know what a delightful tasting beverage that is.

So, a friend came by yesterday carrying a bucket-full of fruit. 

At first glance I thought that they were mangoes, but on closer look, they turn out to be Carambolas.


They are also locally known as Five-Fingers or Starfruit because of their recognizable star shape.

These fruits are grown plentifully in Guyana as they flourish under the hot humid tropical weather.

Look, Touch, Taste…

In their ripen stage, their colors vary anywhere from light green to vibrant yellow/ rich golden hues.

The ‘wings’ of these fruits can sometimes carry green or brownish edges.

Were you to run your fingers across the surface this fruit, you’ll find them smooth and glossy or waxy to the touch.


Carambolas come in two distinct flavors:  Sweet and sour.  Their taste depends on the amount of oxalic acid concentration in them.

Its crispy, juicy pulp has a slightly tangy flavor with a curious sweetish aftertaste.

The sour ones can really make your face contort like that of a monkey (no offense to monkeys and Animal Rights lovers).

You first expression would be ‘eeoowwww’ (and you can stretch the ‘W’ in 'eow' how far you want to).

As a kid, I would usually devour these with a bit of salt and pepper. 

Note:   Carambolas are chock-full with antioxidants, Potassium, and Vitamin C.

  However, because of the concentration of oxalic acid, they may be considered harmful to those suffering with Kidney problems.

With a bucket full of these golden goodies, eating them would take forever, so I decided to go ahead and make a Carambola Starfruit Drink instead.

5 Simple Steps to making a Carambola Star Fruit Drink:

Step 1:  Wash thoroughly.  Use your fingers to take out any dirt there may be in the tiny crevices.

Step 2:  Cut fruit cross wise using a sharp knife and cutting board.  You can also trim off the green edges, but that’s your choice.

Step 3:  Blend with desired amount of water. 

Step 4:  Squeeze pureed or mashed pulp through a sieve, adding a bit more water if so desired.

Step 5:  Serve as is or chilled. 


I like it without sugar, but you can add to taste.


There you you have it!

5 simple steps to making a Carambols Star Fruit Drink …nothing too complicated. 

You can stick a wedge of Carambola on the rim of the drinking glass for decorative purposes.

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