Gateway Restaurant And Bar Tain Community Cookup And BBQ

Gateway Restaurant And Bar Tain Community Cookup And BBQ...

Kevin Lyttle’s ‘Turn Me On’ music was reverberating out from the monstrous and ginormous speakers planted at the very entrance of the Tain Ball Field as I enthusiastically made my way to the ground.

It was one of the many community’s cook up and Bar-B-Q events sponsored by Gateway Restaurant & Bar. 

I heard the announcement the previous evening as the car, equipped with a pair of loudspeakers, drove by my home.


I went to bed thinking to myself that tomorrow will be a good day …nay, a good good day! 

I had secured a date with fun and nothing was going to deprive me of it.

I got up early this morning (okay, I’m lying just a tad …a bit late), showered, shaved, grabbed a quick bite, and impatiently waited for the clock to tick by.

12:30pm I flagged down a short-drop car and journeyed to Tain.

I arrived at the ground to a constant flow of foot traffic across the little bridge, as eager families beat a clear and consistent path to the ball field.

These folks, too, had a rendezvous with fun!


There were already a good number of folks milling around the field when I arrived. 

Groups of little kids were taking running starts to get their kites in the air, while some of the older boys were going through a practice session in preparation for the big softball cricket competition later on.

For a brief instance I got to thinking:

Many years ago I participated in a cricket match played at this very ball field:  Whim vs Tain. 

Derek Kallicharran officiated as the umpire at that event. 

I can’t recall the outcome of that game, but I do remember having a fun time.


Now I’m here, not to play cricket, but to catch in the sights and sounds and hopefully make a couple of new friends.

I must admit that at first I felt like Peter Sellers portrayal as the clumsy Indian actor, Hrundi V. Bakshi, in Blake Edwards’ comedy movie, The Party.

I was going around like Bakshi, nodding and smiling, but feeling a bit odd.

By this time the music was blasting, the kites were soaring and the cricket competition was in full play.

With a couple of video footage already secured in my camcorder, I proceeded to find out the sponsor behind the event.


I was directed to a couple of houses away and there I met the man behind the event. 

His name is Rohan and he and his team were busy preparing boxes of cookup and Bar-B-Q chicken for the event.  

We got to chatting and I asked him about the event.

Gateway Restaurant And Bar Tain Community Cookup And BBQ Event...

So, here’s the skinny on the Gateway Restaurant and Bar Tain community cookup and BBQ event.

Program inludes:

  • A softball cricket competition

    • Each team pays a $5000 entrance fee

    • Winner carts away ¾ of the winnings

    • Second team gets ¼

  • Concession stands

  • Pulsating music

  • Carnival or fair-ground type games, and...

  • Blah blah blah!

Rohan is actually a very pleasant person. 

During the course of the conversation he offered me a complimentary BBQ meal and a bottle of cold Banks beer to boot. 

I offered to pay of course …well, kinda, sorta, but he graciously declined.

It turned out that the chicken was exceedingly tasty.  It was tender and very succulent. 

Bodhu, his buddy friend, gave me an extra bit of the secret sauce that readily brought out the delectable taste Gateway Restaurant & Bar BBQ chicken is so famous for.


I was a bit surprised when Rohan confided in me the secrets behind the celebrated BBQ. 

I quickly promised not to divulge those secrets. 

So people, don’t you dare even try squeezing this one out of me.  No siree!

Hmmmm!  Do you guys go bidding on eBay?   Okay okay …just kidding!

I was offered ‘seconds’  but courtesy necessitated that I decline (phew! Me declining seconds …what is this world coming to?)

So, with ‘Me belly full’  and, belching a bit of Banks beer, I bid Adieu to Rohan and his band of helpers and headed back to the park. 

I made a quick parting glance around the field and I thought I’d have enough for the day. 

I was aware that later on in the evening the partying folks would turn up the heat …maybe some would party waaaay into the morning. 

Knowing fellow Guyanese, I am inclined to think that that would be the case.

But for me, I’ve had my tryst with fun and was satisfied.   

I had kept my date with the Gateway Restaurant And Bar Tain Community Cookup And BBQ event.


With the music still pulsating in my ears,

I watched a toddler's kite soar with the Atlantic wind as I slowly trudge my way back home. 

Today was really a good day for me, and tonight was going to be a good good night …in la la land of course!

Ha! What were you thinking, people?

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