Guyana 10 Dollars Coin

The Guyana 10 Dollars Coin is a 7 sided, or equilateral-curved heptagonal shaped, legal currency issued by the Bank of Guyana, and put into circulation on 26th May, 1996.

The 10-dollar coin is struck in nickel-plated steel, weights 5 grams and has a diameter of 23 mm (millimeters).


It has a slightly smaller size than the American Quarter, but carries the same reeded edge or series of grooved lines that encircle the perimeter of the coin.

And I would assume this is a feature added to prevent counterfeiting.

Obverse Side...

And as you can see from the image, there is a Gold Miner (or Pork Knocker as we refer to them locally) sifting the gravel or mining for gold using traditional method.

On the obverse side – that is the side of the coin bearing the head or principal design, is the lettering:


2011 (the date depends on the year minted).

This side also features the Guyana Coat of arms imprint.

Reverse Side...


On the reverse or opposite side is the lettering:




And as you can see from the image, there is a Gold Miner (or Pork Knocker as we refer to them locally) sifting the gravel or mining for gold using traditional method.

10 Dollars Get You...

So, what can you buy with the Guyana 10 Dollars Coin?

Well, not much!

I have a bunch of these strewn all along the ledge of my room. 

The only use I have found so far is to take a couple of pictures for the sake of adding them to this site.

And don’t you dare give them to beggars.  They’ll look you straight in the eyes – eyeball to eyeball, as though you’re a lunatic. 

Over here in Guyana, beggars set a high standard …and you really have to raise the bar when it comes to giving. 

The least amount they ask for is $100.  Anything else is beneath their beggarly dignity.


Guyana 10 Dollars Coin in perspective:

22 of these 10 Dollar coins will buy you a bottle of local Banks Beer in some places.  In other places, you would have to shovel out 27 or more for the same bottle of beer.

20 of these will buy you 4 or 5 mangoes, and amidst that parcel of mangoes is a slightly rotten one. 

You’ll have to beg the Aunty to change it.  Just use these magic words or phrase: “Ow aunty, change this na. Look how this wan lil ratten!”

She’ll change it and maybe respond: “Ow bai, all na gatta sell!”

But this is all part of our purchasing and bargaining skills we all learn as little Guyanese growing up.  

Remember how the shop lady use to tap the scale for it to go down and you used to watch she with four eyes.  Well, same principle applies everywhere. 

Just negotiate you way around the shops and markets and you’ll get by.

Fiscal Responsibilities...

So, what else can you purchase with the Guyana 10 Dollars Coin?  Well, just do the math.  Most everything starts at $100 or more.

But what you can do is set up a Piggy Bank and teach your kids the value of money and fiscal responsibilities.

Give them a head start in life with their own savings account ...they'll need the money eventually to purchase their own shiny Gadget or Smart Phone.

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