Guyana Kaieteur Falls

The Guyana Kaieteur Falls is simply breathtaking and beyond spectacular!  Let's take a look at some of the amazing facts in this video scribe presentation as well as curated videos from others.

Transcript for video above: Guyana The Hidden Paradise - Part 3

Transcript begins at 1:20 for the Kaieteur park of the tour.

Welcome to you majesties estate.  The great Kaieteur Falls.  But before we visit this majestic wonder, let us wander this heavenly park and the playground and discover some of its strange wonders!

Tour Guide:  What made Kaieteur so spectacular…one of the wonders of the world …somebody said there were seven wonders… ah, I think that person needs to travel a little more …I know of eight. 

It’s the fact that you don’t have a river anywhere else that is as narrow as four hundred and fifty feet when it’s maximum fill …and it’s at the moment so you’re fortunate again where you have that straight or perpendicular drop seven hundred and forty-one feet. 

That is what makes Kaieteur so spectacular.  It’s highest single drop fall in the world.  It’s five times higher than Niagara and twice higher than Victoria.  Pretty narrow.  Now for four hundred and fifty feet we gonna have approximately thirty five thousand gallons per second going over. 

I call it hypo termo mineral water. 

Now I see people with their bottles …chlorine…and I call them plastic rivers. 

You know the joke in Guyana which says you want to come back you drink black water and eat Labba – second largest rodent…well, alright, you in the park so you can’t eat the Labba …but when we get to the falls you can fill your bottles.

Alright!  And I’m quite sure you’re going to be sweating…that’s my job – to make you sweat.

When we get to the fall …so you can wash your face …that’s the natural Oil of Olay …you lose a couple of years.  Don’t look in the mirror …you ask me …I tell you.  Got it!

Oscelots, Jaguar, Margays, Puma, fordulance all of these guys you name it they are right here. 

Most of them anyway they are nocturnal so they operate late into the afternoons and way into the night …they probably in lunch now. 

So as we roam around we stay together as a group at all times.

When you get to where I am here go can turn around and look at the bromeliad and you will see what they do…all of these plants.

All of these plants fell at one time and you will see the position of their heads. 

And that is what makes it difficult …that’s what answer your question…that is what would make it difficult to know how old a plant is because you don’t know how many times it did that.  Look at it.

Just turn around …look look at the plant – see.  All fell but they came up. 

This is why they call it tank bromeliad.  You see it fell…back up…and there is the water…so animals and people if they get lost they can drink that.

At 4:05: Now when you go to the market, all those baskets you will see and even the Amerindian Warishi and the furniture like I show you the clusia …the cuffer vine that they make the foot frame with, now they will take this vine…nah this is mokoruku. 

You got mokru and you have nibi.  Nibi is much more durable but harder to come by.

This is a more commercial product.  Mokuru – this in the bamboo family.  They take off the skin and they make all the basket and furniture stuff with.

The leaf is way up there. 

Person in crowd: Yea yea. 

Now look you want straight leg whatever you want…you want young know you can choose. 

You can bend it all you want…you see they make all kinds of designs round chair, you know ( )

Alright, so what they guys do…mostly people in the rainforest they apply to herbal stuffs for tea. 

Now the men…they will cut that guy up…you see that guy there…that rope running there…they will cut him up into pieces and you boil it and they get a colour looking like the river in that they put porridge stuffs…spice and cloves and milk, you know, essence. 

It makes a beautiful porridge. 

And the guys, they drink that and then they walk like “Hmmmm, where is she?”  Is call Capadolla or local Viagra.

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