Guyana Paruima Village Fishing

Below is a transcript of the video: Guyana Paruima Village Fishing. Some words are a bit difficult to pick up, but I tried to give as accurate of the conversation as possible.


Ok, I’m John Andres age 60. Ex tousha served eight years in my community.  The people here are very friendly. 

They are very hospitable, they are generous and they are very welcoming.

The traditional way of what you call poisoning is not as dangerous as one may think…as I said there are ways that people conserve. 

They know how to go about with nature.  It’s fun.  It’s a community am sport. It’s also our protein () it also serve as protein () food system in our diet. 

The other aspect is the use of piarie reed that we use to poison. 

Imagine we poison these fishes with this reed and am supposedly these fishes supposed to have consumed this poison and then we would just barely go and clean it and boil it and nothing …we haven’t suffered from anything side effects  () by use of this piarie.

Most fishes like yarrow will go in the pond. They would lay eggs and even if you poison the ponds only the fishes die, the eggs are still there. 

The piarie plays an important role in our body immune system that can am resist certain disease.

Because we have been using fishes that have been poision with piarie and am to our knowing we haven’t heard of any body dead…dying of this effect. 

So it’s a part of our culture…it’s a part we life with nature we use nature and nature agrees with us.

We’ve been doing this. We’ve being doing for a number of years from time immemorial. 

And there is no way that we can conclude by saying that the fishes are no longer there..they’re extinct …they continue coming so it’s a way that we use to preserve

Sometimes they get away.  Sometimes rain fall and the creek raises and you can’t get to poison them so they have a chance of …let’s say getaway. 

So maybe if you like six times fish coming up to spawn, you can really poison them like two times, so it’s own way it has it’s own conservation system.

Once more I say that traditional …tradition is power…it identifies you as you are. 

Tradition needs to be kept alive by way of conventional storage for future generation.  Thank you

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