Insect Stings And Bites
Bees & Co.

I don’t know of any Guyanese who hasn’t experienced insect stings and bites while visiting or living in the country.

We co-exist with these critters and they are members of our friendly neighborhood.   So, let’s do a roll call and get reacquainted with them.

Now I’m aware that some of these creatures belong to different groups, but for brevity sake I’ll just -lump them altogether.

Insect Stings And Bites - Shortlisting Your Team Players:

  • Mosquitoes

  • Flies

  • Fire ants

  • Ticks/Fleas

  • Chigger/jigger

  • Spiders/Tarantulas

  • Wasps ('Marabuntas')

  • Bees

  • Centipedes

  • Snakes, and...

  • More…

We already discussed mosquitoes in another article.

You’ll share living space with some of these fellas or gals (trying not to be biased here) on a daily basis; while others you may have only a rare encounter.


A chief culprit is the wasp or ‘Marabunter’ as we affectionately call them.  They are bold and a bit brazen. 

They mostly build their nests outside in your yards, bottom house, or on top of coconut tree, and if you’re not too careful, they’ll subtly become a tenant in your house …brazen ‘squatters’ them!

A sting from one of these blokes can really ruin your day.  Carefully avoid them and they'll reciprocate in part.


It’s not every day one gets mauled by bees, but when they ‘clap wan bite’ pun yu, yu gonna halla fo days. 

Trust me, folks... 

I got chewed up from these dudes more than once and it’s really something to write home about. 

I experienced colours that I never saw in the Richmond Hill Phagwah festival parade (ok, I’m stretching it a bit here, but you get the picha!)

If you see them buzzing about, just silently walk away or call in the army if they are the deadly ones.


Now these critters have more legs than all of Miss Guyana Pageant.  They mostly like to reside in cracks of old boards, or in any dank, dark or moldy quarters. 

You’ll also find them languishing in piles of old wood, cardboard and other junky heaps in your yard.

The mere sight of these creatures from hell is enough to make you freeze.  But don’t panic.  I usually tek me Bata yattin boot and beat the crap out of them …until they are all nice and squishy.

Fire Ants...

We use to say ‘Anch’ as kids!

Nowadays you don’t really come across much of these darling pets, but I’m sure they must be hiding out somewhere. 

I know they use to build their nests in the yards, and as kids we used to jostle our friends and tried to hold them close to these mounds for a bite or two.

Stings from these bad boy soldiers are more painful that those you usually receive from the caning you get from misbehaving at school (so thankful this method of punishment is outlawed in school).

Disclaimer:  I’m not here advocating any particular treatment for insect stings and bites.  If you get stung or bitten, do seek medical or professional help. 

Some of the other insects mentioned like flies may be just a nuisance for some.  Others like snakes and tarantulas are deadly and you know you need quick medical help.

Just know that these denizens of the nether world  exist side by side with us and you probably have your own method of dealing with them.

You want to have a grand time in your country, so don’t let any of these players put a bite in your next vacation plans.

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