Mosquito Abatement
Best Way To Ward Off Mosquitoes

Mosquito Abatement - what you need to know.

Okay, so you arrived safely in Guyana and there is a 'Welcome Home, Savitree'  party ready to shower you with hugs and kisses. 

Little did you know that there is another 'kind' of welcoming party lurking in the dark ready to show their own 'love'.

So, let's see how we can arrest this problem before it catapults into a crisis situation!

At first glance, these pesky creatures appear to just randomly float with the wind, but don’t be fooled by that seemingly mindless drift. 

Wired into their ‘little bony heads’ is some kind of GPS navigational system that somehow gets locked into their intended target – YOU!

They see you from afar as a blip in their mosquito radar screen and know your exact position. 

Poor you - watching cricket on your 'lil'  black and white TV, sipping yu coconut water, totally unaware that danger lurks.

Before you know it they start pouncing on you, sinking those long ‘thingy’ into your flesh and sucking the life out of you.

The scent of blood somehow signals to others that food is around, and before you know it, an entire army has descended on you, chomping out chunks of your flesh like sharks and piranhas.

Their attack is relentless, striking like Imperial Japanese World War II Kamikaze suicidal pilots on Allied naval vessels. 

They zoom in on you from nowhere with that familiar ‘singing’ noise next to your ears.

Your little fun time with cricket has turned into a nightmare as you tried your utmost best to ward off these blitzkrieg attacks - your curry chicken ending up all over yu face as you swat and swear and curse profusely.

Not a pleasant scenario – don’t you agree?

So, what can you do to turn that potential nightmare into an evening of fun and fellowship with close friends and family?

Simple and precisely what I’ve been doing to make my stay here as mosquito free and enjoyable as possible.

Your Arsenal:

First off, every attack can be effectively countered with an equal or greater force!

I understand that it is only the female mosquitoes that bite and suck blood (these girls!) 

I wonder what’s on the guys menu ...maybe left-over pizzas and stale beer!

Okay, so let's see your ammunition!

Mosquito Abatement  - Your Weapons of Choice:

Mosquito spray...

Mosquito spray is a very convenient way to repel these pests and they provide long lasting protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

I'm not recommending any particular brand here, but you can shop around Amazon or your local stores for the ones that may be convenient for you.

If you have kids, just be sure to find one that is of suitable strength for them.

Rechargeable Electric Zapper...


Rechargeable electric zappers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs.  I have one that comes in really handy especially when the mosquitoes seem to bombard you.

I usually zap several dozens of these critters before the battery needs recharging.

The electric charge does not harm you even if you accidentally touch the net ...but they're merciless when it comes to frying mosquitoes.

I usually take it with me inside the mosquito net while sleeping, just in case I get trapped inside with a few of these 'buggers.'

There is nothing more bothersome and annoying than to have a couple of these guys buzzing around and taking nips of your flesh and blood all night long.

A sleepless night can really leave you exhausted and haggard next morning.

So, rather than zap aimlessly at these critters all night long, do the sensible thing and take one of these rechargeable electric zappers with you.

Mosquito Net...


Use a mosquito net if you plan on having a peaceful and uninterrupted long night rest.

Without this tool in your arsenal, you may end up losing an arm and a leg when you wake up the next day.

These draconian beasts can suck you real dry leaving you bloodless and anemic next morning.

Remember ...they come equipped with big suction pumps that would put Dracula and his terrifying fangs to shame.

When you retire at night, just be sure to secure your net around the bed posts and mattress ...otherwise you'll be doing the tango all night long.

Mosquito Coils...

Many of you can still remember using mosquito coils at night.  They're sill around and still an effective way to smoke these pests helpless.

The smoke may be bothersome to some of you, but you have the choice of using them or not ...your call!

By way of a story...

I used to secure a small piece of lighted mosquito coil between my fingers, and at nights you can gave the impression that you're carrying a cigarette, especially when you walk and swing your arms.

The older folks used to say: "I will tell your dad you're smoking."

I would quickly say: "No no uncle! Me na smoke just a piece of masquita kyil!"

If  I don't quickly say that, then it's gonna be 'licks like peas!' when my father gets home.

Mosquito Candle Repellents

Mosquito candle repellents gave you another option in your fight to ward of and prevent mosquito bites.

Like the coils, you really don't have to use them if the smoke bothers you.

There may be some odorless ones available, so you may have to do a bit of researching.

Mosquito Control - Things To Be Aware Of:

Mosquitoes are notorious for breeding in stagnant waters.  In your particular village there may be plenty of clogged up trenches.  Just be aware of that.

Be sure to cover all water containers, buckets, pails, drums, etc.

Chop down and clear up some of those bushy areas or thick undergrowth. Strike a match and burn these – the resulting smoke might make a difference.

Keep your surrounding home and yard clean and uncluttered.

These are just small measures, but they pay big dividends.  So, don’t let mosquitoes put a sting in your vacation plans.

Armed with this Mosquito Abatement battle plan, you can effectively neutralized these pests and continue watching your cricket uninterrupted.

With your Mosquito Abatement plans under wraps, return to Emergency Preparedness

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