Rain Gears
Your Weather Paraphernalia

Rain gears are a must if you’re contemplating your trip to Guyana.

You know that it’s going to pour steadily at some point during your stay, so you don’t want to walk around Georgetown like a wet cat.

So, as you post your box or barrel ahead of time with Laparkan or whatever your shipping company of choice, do not forget to include these important accoutrements.

Your Rain Gears of Choice:


Unless you plan to stay under your ‘bottom house’ the rest of your vacation, you know that umbrellas are necessary whenever it happens to pour outside.  And in Guyana, that seems like almost every day.

And folks, do invest a bit in a sturdy umbrella. 

Don’t do like me!

I’m always in the habit of buying these cheap umbrellas at some of those 99cents stores on Liberty or Jamaica Avenues and as soon as I open them – ‘whattack’ – the wind just took my hard earned couple bucks plus taxes.

Sometimes the wind can be merciless to those flimsy umbrellas. 

You’ve seen these limp and broken ones lying in the corner of streets or dumped into the corner garbage bins.

Get a colourful one that really brings out the fashionista in you. 

Go ahead and really make a bold statement!  

Rain Jackets...

I’ve seen folks riding bicycles in the rain and juggling umbrellas and other stuffs at the same time. 

This can be a bit tricky at times – not to mention a bit dangerous with mini buses whizzing by. 

The solution is to don a jacket of your choice and get to your destination without any hitch.

These waterproof gears come in an endless array of brands, styles and prices and they look good. 


Ladies, you can look hip and stylish even when it’s pouring outside. 

And don’t forget to help little Missy make a fashion statement for herself by dressing her up in her own cutesy little rain coat.

Rain Boots...

I think we use to refer to these as ‘long boots.’  But nevertheless, in a country that experience frequent torrential rainfall and flooding, these babies come in really handy.   

And for you young ladies who have to trek through muddy streets, you know what a drag it is to have all that dirt clinging to your fancy 8-inch stilettos.

Also, in flooded areas, you never know what lurks beneath.  If you don’t know, just ask the goodly folks living in Water St., Georgetown.

So, here again are your rain gears of choice:  umbrellas, rain jackets and rain boots.

Do enjoy your stay in Guyana and try not to get caught in the rain …which can really put a damp on your vacation.

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