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Surge365 is a wholesale travel membership.

The club membership offers prices so low they just cannot be shared with the public. 

It offers an ideal opportunity for you to traverse the world without breaking the bank.

So, whether it's your dream vacation to the  

o  Caribbean  

o   Hawaii  

o   Jamaica, or...  

o   A Mediterranean cruise with your loved ones!

Surge365 has it all!

The Vortex Powered By Surge365


We are Surge265 - a pioneer in the direct sales industry. 

A company with leadership, who are successful, proven, tested and a business model that allows people just like you to build a fun exciting part-time or full-time income by simply sharing. 

Our industry …well that’s the best part.  It is fun, sexy and 100% of people want to be in it.

And it just happens to be the biggest in the world. 

Look at this comparison. 

One of the industries you probably experience every day is the world of television. 

If you add up the annual revenues of all the TV programs on the air…we are talking Monday Night Football, Opra, and American Idol, it was $384,000,000,000 (three hundred and eighty-four billion dollars) last year. 

Big right! 

What about Pharmaceuticals - what they call Big Pharma?   Last year all those pills and portions added up to $950,000,000,000 (Nine hundred and fifty billion)

... Almost three times bigger than the television industry. 

Well, what about all the big technology companies out there! 

Where do they fit in? 

If you combine Apple, Microsoft, eBay and Google together …just last year they did $1,100,000,000,000 (one point one trillion.) what could be bigger than that? 

The answer is travel! 

Last year the global travel market from flights to cruises to resorts to rental cars was a staggering $8.100,000,000,000 (eight point one trillion dollars).

Let that soak in for a second. 

Do you have any idea how much money that is? 

That means that yesterday – yesterday $18 billion was spent on travel. 

Trust me, with a pie that big, you only need a tiny little slice to completely change –




In your life.  Your car, your house, your zip code. 

Here’s how! 

I’m going to bet that 99% of the people you know either travel or want to travel.  Agree!  Perfect!  Let’s move on. 

Experts from Columbia University have concluded that the average person knows six hundred people. 

That includes your family, the people you work with, that guy at the coffee shop, your dentist …whatever. 

On Facebook alone, the average number of friends is three hundred and eight three.  

That is what is called your sphere of influence or social network.   

So, for easy Math let’s just call it five hundred people.  Five hundred people that if you wave at them, would wave back.  Now we already establish that most or all of those people will travel or want to travel - Right!  And most or all of those people want a great deal, right? 

Ok, we are going to look at three examples: 

Here is a family of four. 

They’re going to take a four-day vacation.  They need two hotel rooms, a rental car and tickets to a theme park. 

They go online to one of the big well-known sites and get a price of $1,008 (one thousand eight dollars).

Not sure that’s the best deal they go to one of the other big ones.  There they find the same trip, same dates, same hotel for $999 (nine hundred ninety-nine dollars).

Which site will they book from?  The nine hundred and ninety dollars, right! 

Of course! 

They are not brand loyal.  They just want the best deal - even if it is only nine dollars cheaper. 

But then they remember you.  You have an online travel site.  You have the Vortex. 

So, they go to your site, find the same car, same hotel, same beach, the same sand on the beach, and they see it for $950 (nine hundred and fifty dollars).

Who would they buy from? 


Now what would you earn?  Well, in the old days a trip like that would have generated about $100 (one hundred dollars in commission).

Your cut of that would be somewhere between $60 and $70. 

Not bad! 

All you really did was point them to your website, right! 

Well, what if we could show you through the Vortex how you can earn three to four times that amount - earning somewhere between two hundred and three hundred dollars on that trip for the exact same effort. 

And what if just twenty percent of your social network took one trip like that a year? 

That’s one hundred trips. 

Let’s call it two hundred dollars in commission.  That is twenty five gran for pointing.  Well, what if thirty percent of them took a trip or forty percent? 

And what if some of those trips were week-long cruises to the Bahamas or first class travel to Tahiti?  

Get the picture!  Perfect! 

Ok, here’s how you get started. 

When you decide to join us at Surge365, you’re beginning a business – a turnkey operation with everything you need to start today. 

Here’s what you get: 

First, you receive your very own branded copy of the Vortex - the website you can show to the world.  Your social network books a trip, you get paid! 

Retail value: six hundred dollars.  

Then you get membership in the world’s most exclusive travel club: cruises, resorts, hotels, all-inclusives and more. 

That means you get to travel like a rock star at wholesale prices. That means you and your family will never pay full price again. 

Retail value:  

Well, a white-label version of this membership is currently selling for four thousand dollars. 

And if you’re ready to dive even deeper into the world of travel, and make money putting together group tours and cruises, you get a full-fledged travel agency. 

Retail value:  four hundred and ninety-nine dollars. 

That’s over five thousand dollars in value that you get for only three hundred and ninety-nine dollars down and fifty-nine ninety-five a month. 

And if you simply refer three people, that fifty-nine ninety-five goes away. 

Refer seven and we’ll pay you a thousand dollars. 

Now, let’s take it one step further. 

What if you had a network of Vortex engines working all over the world, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in multiple languages. 

What would that look like? 

Imagine a family in China going on vacation to Indonesia …a businessman in London taking a trip to Buenos Aires.  

People you don’t even know going on a family reunion cruise in the Mediterranean. 

Well, if you get that vision in your head, the sky is the limit. 

Unlimited one-thousand dollar bonuses, ten-thousand dollar bonuses, and then, we can show you how to become a Director earning free cars, lifestyle bonuses, even a one-million dollar bonus. 

You get everything for just three hundred and ninety-nine dollars. 

Get started right now and you can start earning money immediately – as much as you want – as fast as you want.

This is the answer. 

This is the business of the future. 

Welcome to Surge365!  

Let’s go!

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