Ultra Violet Rays
The ABCs of UV Rays

Ok, let’s get off our technical ultra violet rays ‘High Horse’ and talk a little about the weather. 

About the first things the pilot of your aircraft will announce in his “I’m too sexy for this plane”  calm and unruffled voice would be the time and expected weather forecast on arrival at your destination.

In other words, when you arrive at Cheddi  Jagan International Airport,  it’s either gonna be raining or there’ll be plenty of sunshine awaiting you (yikes, I didn’t think of what happens if you arrive at night).

Anyhow, that oversight aside, let’s continue with our discussion.

At some point during your stay you’ll have ample opportunity to bask and enjoy the warm sunshine this country is so blessed with. 

This may be a good thing for you and at the same time it may not be. 

Let’s see – the good news first.

Beneficial Effects of Ultra Violet Rays (UVB)…

Balanced amounts of exposure to UVB help produce vitamin B in the skin which in turn help maintain normal functioning of the nervous system. 

It also helps, amongst other roles, in maintaining proper bone growth and bone density.

Folks living in countries with prolonged winters often lack this most essential vitamin.  Sorry my Canadian friends.

The Bad News of Ultra Violet Rays…

But there is also a downside to too much exposure to ultra violet rays UVB.  It is also a leading cause of skin cancer and sunburn.   

Good news for fellow Canadians.  You don’t have to worry about this – that is unless you hang out too much in High Park during the 3 or 4 summer days you have.

And if you’re fair skinned … more bad news for you.  You tend to burn much quicker. 

Ultra Violet Rays A (UVA) also is a leading cause of skin cancer and also of wrinkles.  Folks who worship the sun in Central Park in New York City are prime candidate for these kinds of symptoms.

Let’s not be concerned too much of UVC .  It is another type of UV but if it doesn’t affect us, why should we worry.

Ok, so a bit of sunshine is beneficial and over exposure to too much is harmful.

What’s a balanced approach?

Glad you asked again!

Let common sense dictate as we pack our lunch bags or ‘saucepans’ with roti, polouri, channa and what not and rush off to 63 Beach or Lake Mainstay for the day.

You’ll be enjoying a day of sand and sun anyhow, so why not dress to kill with these fashion accessories:

Broad Rim Hats...

the array of hats on the market today is truly staggering.  They come in all styles and colors and I’m sure you won’t have a problem making your pick.  They key is to wear a hat if you’re prone to sunburn.

And guys – those of you who have a solitary wisp still clinging on to your knob - don’t try to pull that strand of hair from one side of your head to another hoping it’ll be enough protection for that shiny patch.   

Who are we kidding anyway? 

The sun can be extremely brutal to bald heads.  They certainly don’t show much love at all.  So guys put ego aside and don a hat.

Ladies you’ve gone to great lengths to nourish those gorgeous tresses.   Don’t ruin it.

Sun Glasses...

Here’s a test.  If you squint in the sun, then you may need sun glasses …Plain and simple.

And why won’t you want to wear one of these?  They’re plentiful and easily affordable.

You have all kinds of brands and types to choose from...

  • Ray Bans

  • Gucci

  • Aviator

  • Oakley, and...

  • Lots more.

So,  take your pick …knock yourself out!

Buy Sun Tan Lotion...

now if you’re going to be spending time outside either going about your business or maybe to ‘worship’ the sun, you’ll need some form of protection against the sun’s deadly ultra violet rays – especially if you burn easily.

Stick one of your favorite suntan lotion in your handbag and head off to your merry way.

Beach Umbrellas...

After a vigorous game of Frisbee with your kids and dog, you’ll want to take a breather and cool off under one of those colorful beach umbrellas. 

A day at the beach should be one of fun time.  The last thing you want is to come home in the evening with baked lips. 

Who wants to kiss those anyhow!

Outside Umbrellas...

'Under my umbrella Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh.'   Now if Rehanna can find shelter under one of these, so can you.   Umbrellas come in really handy especially if you have a long patch of corentyne road to traverse.

Ladies look cool with them!

Guys?  Well I can’t recall seeing a guy walking along the road finding shade with an umbrella on a sunny day.  If he does, he’ll probably be laughed all the way from Skeldon to Rosignol.

Maybe I should try it and see what happens!

The tips mentioned here for managing the sun’s deadly ultra violet rays are by no means exhaustive, but the list should help you jump-start your own.

After enjoying your vacation in Guyana, you want to return to Richmond Hill with a sunny outlook, not like a fully baked bun from Sybil’s Bakery.

After taking precautions from the sun's deadly Ultra Violet Rays, return to Emergency Preparedness

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