Williamsburg Easter Family Day!

Williamsburg Easter Family Day Event!

I watched a toddler's kite trapped hopelessly on a utility wire above as I made my way to the Williamsburg Easter Family Day, held at the Williamsburg community center ground yesterday.


This was my first time probing deep into the village, and I was curious about what to expect. 

I arrived at the ground and was greeted by loud music from the huge speakers stacked on high, as well as the amusing sight of petite and pocket-sized kids as they scampered around the ground in playful delight.

The sky was already teeming with these colorful and pretty kites as jubilant kids jockeyed for a bit of air space to test their flying skills.

To get into the ground, I had to jump over a little ditch.  As I made the leap, I was hoping that my feet would not land on some loose dirt thus causing me to stumble into the mud below. 

What a spectacle that would be? 

I would be groveling on gravel instead of soaring on high.

Ok, I landed safely on the other side and began carefully navigating the many strings and twines crisscrossing the expanse of the ground. 

But you can’t be careful enough for before you knew it, my feet got tangled in some kite’s loop and I nearly ended up tripping onto a muddy patch.

I was quick to apologize to the friendly kid and he smiled in acknowledgement. 

I could almost detect a little devilish grin on his baby face as if he was silently saying, “Ah, gotcha!”

Williamsburg Easter Family Day - The Numbers...

As I looked around, it would appear to me that the entire village had turned out for this Williamsburg Easter Family Day event.  There were groups of families intermingling on every part of the ground.


It was plainly obvious that the little ones were having the most fun.  For a moment I felt like a kid myself. 

Maybe I should have crafted a kite of my own and come play like the others.

This exceedingly gorgeous and stunning beauty was flirting with the camera, not realizing that her kite was experiencing trouble in the sky. 

Big burly boyfriend bearing bulging biceps had no clue his girlfriend had abandoned ship, and was striking a mesmerizing pose and flashing sets of beautiful pearly whites.  

I wish I could say that those infectious smiles were directed towards me, but hats off to my camera!

Oh Skites!  I dared not mess with boyfriend’s girl for fear of him looping those twines around my neck and dragging me around like his personal kite.

This Williamsburg Easter Family Day Event video can also be viewed on YouTube

Reminisce:  Many moons ago, when I was about 8 years old, on the days leading up to Easter, I was looking at kites soaring above and was saying to my self: "Come Easter, my kite would fly higher and 'sing' better than these kites above".

Well, come Easter, the guy who crafted my kite didn't do a good job. 

The kite's frame was twisted. 

When I did my running start to get the kite up into the air, it went up alright, but because of its twisted shape, it did a nosedive straight into  the muddy trench below.

And that was the end of my Easter kite.  At 8 years old I learned a rather painful lesson.

Caveat:  Never brag or boast (wink! wink!)!

After snapping a few pics, a guy showed up and invited me over to his group.  There were several of them …brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, kids …and it would appear that everyone there was related in some way or the other.

These were hard working cane cutters, rice farmers, vendors, teachers and folks from all professions. 

They all had one thing in common that day …they were having fun. 

They came out in large numbers to observe and celebrate their very own Williamsburg Easter Family Day.

Playing The Game Of Bob And Weave...

And the music played, the rum and beers flowed, and everyone was having a grand time. 

Some of the tipsier folks had long abandoned comfort levels and were very much into your face trying to impress their points. 


I’m an old pro in this game, especially when the conversation advances to this critical junction. 

At this elevated level of the banter, I have no problem whatsoever in bobbing and weaving and shifting stance to judiciously avoid the occasional spurts of spittle and spatters directed at my face.  

An observer to the dialog would probably be thinking that I’m nodding my head in agreement to a point made in the conversation, but...

Wrong my friend!

That nod gets re-worked into parts of my dodging skills.


Well, with that said, I had a couple shots of expensive Chivas Regal 12 Year Old …my absolute favorite Scotch blend. 

Every cheers and ‘bottoms up’ from the partying boys were followed by the munching of ‘Cutters’.

And the cutters were varied and plentiful:

The Munchies...

  • Chicken Curry

  • Curry Duck

  • Lamb Curry

  • Curry Alligator Tail (ok,just kidding!)

  • Fry Chicken

  • Channa

  • Bara

  • Poularie, and...

  • The whole works.

I was encouraged to taste this and try that and before you knew it; I ended up sampling “The Whole Enchilada!”

Some of the older folks were a bit tipsy from the all-day drinking and merriment. 

But I have to honestly say that there were courtesy and respect for everyone. 

No one misbehaved or got out of hand!

Sidebar:  I explained that in New York, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverage at beaches and parks,


In Guyana you can have the most fun times and imbibe all you want without the cops interfering. 

There is no need to freeze your vodka into ice cubes or bury your Six-Pack in the sand (as if the cops in the US don’t already know those tricks).

About the Cricket Ground...

I inquired about the cricket ground and was told that the community is making every effort to develop and maintain it. 

They have already fenced the perimeter and have dug a ditch around the ground (like a moat) to prevent cattle from entering and destroying the place. 

This was part of the ditch I hopped over earlier in the day.  

On some parts they have planks to cross over.

The dirt from the ditch would be used to fill up the area inside the ground as some parts get flooded during heavy rainfall. 

There is still plenty of work to be done, so I hope that others with a vested interest in the area would inquire and lend some form of support.

A properly maintained ground would provide a safe haven for the many cute and adorable kids in the area, as they fly their kites and play their ‘bumber ball’ Cricket.

I understand that someone is actually tasked with supervision of the area.  I shall try to track him down and get some insider info. 

I think it would be cool if they have floodlights installed …for there is not much fun for kids once the sun sinks beyond the coconut trees.

What A Glorious Day!

Well, by now it was getting dark and everyone was packing up and heading for their homes.  But I can still hear their laughter and merriment as they disappeared and merged into the blackness of night. 

On reflection, this was a day of rewards and fulfillment for me.  I made several wonderful friends, and got to know many loving families during this Williamsburg Easter Family Day event.

The lonesome kite above was still fluttering to free itself from the electrical wire when I eventually left the ground, but...

I’m sure that some friendly utility guy would come by the next day, untethered it, and let it finally ride the Atlantic wind to freedom.

This Williamsburg Easter Family Day video can also be viewed on YouTube

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