Surge365 Exclusive Travel Club Membership

Make More ... Travel More ... Save More ...

Surge365 is a much sought-after home-based business selling a one-of-a-kind and VALUABLE wholesale travel membership!

Your Dream Vacation...

The club membership offers prices so low they just cannot be shared with the public.  It offers an ideal opportunity for you to traverse the world without breaking the bank

Whether it's your dream vacation to the

  o  Caribbean

  o   Hawaii

  o   Jamaica, or...

  o   A Mediterranean cruise with your loved ones!

Surge365 has it all!

Destination Weddings...

Now here's an emerging trend!

Beach Weddings!

Young brides are now forgoing the traditional weddings at their local church, and yearning to have their one special moment with close friend and families at exotic beach locations.

Is this expensive?   You Bet!

For many of you reading this, this may just be a dream, a hope, or a wish!

Way beyond my pocket you may say!

But guess what folks, Surge365 can turn those fading dreams into living realities!

Lifestyle Choices...

Surge365 offers the perfect vehicle for you to achieve the lifestyle that you desire.

For some people lifestyle is described by the type of car they drive, the home they live in, a boat or the jewellery they own.

For many others today, lifestyle has evolved to become more dynamic to include:

0   The freedom of choices

0   The ability to give back

0   The difference that you can make for your family, community, or world

We should live our lives based on decisions and not by default!

Drop Me A Line...

NOTE:  I"m presently in Guyana, so please send me an email or use the "Contact Me" form on this site to reach me ...Thanks!

Tax Information...

Disclaimer:  The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered tax advice.

You should consult your tax adviser for specific tax assistance and advice.

PDF Documents Download:

Tax Deductions for Travel Agents

Monthly Business Expense List

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